And the winner Is…

Chimp Haven is proud to announce that resident, Brent, was named first prize winner in the Humane Society of the United States’ Chimpanzee Art Contest. Chimp Haven will be awarded the grand prize of  $10,000.

“We are excited that Brent’s painting won,” Chimp Haven President and CEO said.”The monetary prize will aid us as we continue to expand our facility and prepare for new residents.”

Second and third place were awarded to Cheetah from Save the Chimps and Ripley from Center of Great Apes. Each sanctuary that entered receive a $500 donation.

“Our ultimate goal was to raise awareness of each sanctuary and our mission of retiring chimpanzees from research, the pet trade and entertainment industry to environments where each one can live just as chimpanzees,” Willis Spraetz said. “We are all winners for the momentous work we do.”

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Brentsface_AFMeet Brent

Brent is a sweet chimpanzee who has a unique way of creating art…he uses his tongue to paint. Although it is not a common way of painting, he often creates wonderful and unique pieces. The playful chimpanzee is 37 and has been a resident of Chimp Haven since 2006.