Tracy is one of the youngest chimpanzees at Chimp Haven. Her mother Teresa, like many of the sanctuary’s chimpanzees, was elderly when she arrived at Chimp Haven. When Tracy was four years old, her mother died. After Teresa’s death, Tracy was visibly grieving and lost much of her zeal. But the other adults in her group rallied around the little chimpanzee. Suzanna even became a foster mother to Tracy.

Now, at almost six years old, Tracy is playful, curious and full of life again.  Tracy spends most of her time in one of Chimp Haven’s large forested habitats.  She enjoys climbing in the trees and playing high above the adults in her group.  Tracy also likes to laugh and often wrestles with Gina, Ginger and Flora.  Sometimes Tracy gets the best of these older girls, but they make Tracy laugh.  Like any other young animal, Tracy is very active and energetic, running, jumping, climbing and  sometimes even somersaulting her way through the day. What a joy it is to watch her grow!



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