Meet Chimp Haven’s New Residents!

Since December 2012 Chimp Haven has welcomed 50 new chimpanzees to the colony from the New Iberia Research Center in New Iberia, La. Of the 50 new retirees, 24 have been introduced to existing social groups and have begun acclimating very well to their new home.  The remaining new residents are awaiting their special day of being introduced to fellow retired chimpanzees.

“We are excited to have taken in 50 newly retired chimpanzees,” Chimp Haven President and Chief Executive Officer Cathy Willis Spraetz said. “We look forward to getting them settled and like our seasoned residents, enjoying the naturalistic settings of the sanctuary.”

Supporters like you have helped to provide these chimpanzees with a new home. We look forward to the arrival of 61 more chimpanzees from New Iberia in the fall. However, we still have a long ways to go to reach our $5 million fundraising goal to complete the task of bringing each chimpanzee to Chimp Haven. To donate to the Road to Chimp Haven Campaign, Click Here. For updates on the new arrivals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.