Meet Flora, Gina and Ginger, Three of the New Chimpanzees

Sixteen new chimpanzees arrived at Chimp Haven in October. This week, three of them– Ginger, Flora and Gina– experienced forest living for the first time. They freely roamed a five-acre habitat, climbing trees and checking out all the new attractions on the forest floor.

It wasn’t long before Ginger, Flora and Gina began tasting the wild edibles they found growing in the habitat. Gina liked the berries, Flora was partial to long green grass and Ginger tried out some leaves.

They enjoyed climbing the solid wooden structures erected by Chimp Haven staff; however, they weren’t so sure about whether the trees were safe to climb. Ginger tested the strength of one tree by pushing against it to make sure it wouldn’t fall. Even though it did not budge, she chose to pass up the opportunity.

We will share more photographs and stories with you as we document other newly arrived chimpanzees getting acclimated to their social groups and surroundings.

Ginger Flora in the rain forest Gina

Ginger, Flora, and Gina explore the forest.