Classrooms that Care is a two-part K-12th 12th grade structured education program that brings the world of chimpanzees to your classroom. During an initial classroom visit, students will have the opportunity to learn about chimpanzees and the African rainforests; witness the consequences of our planet’s diminishing resources; discover their special link in the food chain; and explore the world of science. The outdoor laboratory portion of the program provides an exciting opportunity for firsthand observations of the chimpanzees that call Chimp Haven home, while enhancing and reinforcing the classroom teaching content.

The Classrooms that Care program is designed to reinforce the skills and concepts that students are learning in the classroom and to satisfy curriculum guidelines for grades K-12.

Outdoor Laboratories include three separate themes to choose from. Classrooms may choose which theme they would like to explore during their visit to Chimp Haven.


Students will learn how to conduct a scientific investigation while observing chimpanzee behavior. They will learn how primatologists study chimpanzee behavior and have a chance to develop a guided experiment. Students will observe chimpanzee behavior to answer their questions and discuss what they discovered.

Meets Louisiana State Science Grade-Level Expectations: Elementary (1st-4th Grade): SI-E-A1, SI-E-A2, SI-E-A3, SI-E-A7, SI-E-B1, SI-E-B4, SI-E-B6 Middle (5th-8th Grade): SI-M-A1, SI-M-A2, SI-M-A3, SI-M-A4, SI-M-A6, SI-M-A7, SI-M-A8, SI-M-B5, SI-M-B7

Diet and Health

This outdoor laboratory allows students to learn the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. Students will investigate each food group. Students will pick a healthy diet for themselves and the chimpanzees too. Students will also read nutrition labels from the chimpanzees’ favorite snacks. The session will end with Chimp Olympics where students engage in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Meets Louisiana State Science Grade-Level Expectations: Elementary (1st-4th Grade): LS-E-A1, LS-E-A5, LS-E-A6

Ecosystems and Endangered Species

Students will learn how organisms in an ecosystem are all dependent on each other for survival. They will learn about common threats to endangered species and how some species have recovered and are no longer endangered. Students will study the ecosystems our chimpanzees live in here in Louisiana as well as investigating organisms found on our nature trails.

Meets Louisiana State Science Grade-Level Expectations: Elementary (1st-4th Grade): SE-E-A2, SE-E-A3, SE-E-A4, SE-E-A5, LS-E-C1

Water Quality

In this outdoor laboratory, students will test the water quality of our moat to see how the ecosystem has developed within the last 10 years since it was built. Water quality tests include: temperature, pH, turbidity, nitrates, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, and coliform bacteria. Before testing, students will hypothesize what levels they expect to find and compare their results after testing. At the end, students will discuss how to correct any abnormal levels found in our water.

Meets Louisiana State Science Grade-Level Expectations:
Middle (5th-8th Grade): SI-M-A1, SI-M-A2, SI-M-A3, SI-M-A4, SI-M-A6, SI-M-A7, SI-M-A8, SI-M-B5, SI-M-B6, SI-M-B7, SE-M-A3
High (9th-12th Grade): SI-H-A1, SI-H-A2, SI-H-A3, SI-H-A4, SI-H-A5, SI-H-A6, SI-H-A7, SI-H-A8, SI-H-B2, SE-H-A8, SE-H-A9, SE-H-A11


Cost is $5 per student, with adults/chaperones free up to the recommended student to adult ratio (10:1). Schools have the option of adding a hayride tour during their visit for an additional $5/person. Corporate sponsorships may be available. To schedule a program or for questions, please contact