Chimp Haven Applauds the Working Group’s Recommendations

Chimp Haven stands ready to discuss the possibility of retiring hundreds of federally-owned chimpanzees with the National Institutes of Health, following expert recommendations yesterday by the agency’s Council of Councils Working Group. The Council unanimously voted on limiting the future use of chimpanzees in biomedical and behavioral research and placing hundreds of chimpanzees in The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary- known as Chimp Haven.

“Chimp Haven applauds the recommendations of the Working Group,” Jennifer Whitaker, Chimp Haven Vice President said. “We look forward to working closely with the NIH to devise a strategy to retire these chimpanzees to Chimp Haven.”

The Working Group’s recommendations will be subject to a 60-day public comment period before the agency announces whether it will accept the recommendations. If it does, the lives of hundreds of chimpanzees who have spent many years in laboratories could radically change. Also, assuming the federal government lifts a spending cap to make money available for the sanctuary’s operations and construction needs, Chimp Haven could potentially increase its size dramatically.

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