Chimp Haven welcomes enthusiastic volunteers who have a love for animals and a passion for serving their community. Our volunteers have diverse backgrounds, and bring a variety of experiences, knowledge and skills to Chimp Haven. Chimp Haven provides volunteer opportunities in the following areas: special events, education/school programs, sanctuary care, community awareness and advocacy. Due to the amount of training required to work with our chimpanzees, volunteers will not work directly with chimpanzees, or in indoor areas where chimpanzees are housed.

Chimp Haven’s Volunteer Program also offers corporate volunteer opportunities. We accept corporate groups throughout the year for various projects including facility maintenance, gardening, chimpanzee enrichment, and special events.

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of our Chimpanzee Discovery Days. This once a month event is open to the public. Volunteers lead educational activities and booths, greet visitors, and assist Chimp Haven staff in making each Chimpanzee Discovery Day a truly exciting event.

We also have a resident volunteer program for out-of-town volunteers. A personal vehicle is required and resident volunteers must be over 18. Lodging may be available, on a first come, first serve basis, at the rate of $40 a night.  Minimum service of 20 hours per week is required.

Educational internships in the behavior, husbandry, enrichment and veterinary departments are also available; please see our Internship page for more information.

Chimp Haven is a wonderful place for volunteers to make a contribution to their community, gain knowledge about chimpanzees from experienced staff members, form new friendships, learn new skills and have fun! If you are interested in becoming a Chimp Haven volunteer please e-mail  for an application and additional information!

Resident Volunteer FAQs

Q. What will I be doing at Chimp Haven?

A. Volunteers help us in a variety of ways. Resident volunteers are typically here long enough to help each department. Volunteer tasks may include: making chimpanzee enrichment and cleaning enrichment equipment, helping with chimpanzee laundry, helping in the garden, entering surveys or filing, helping us with an event, or other special projects. Many of our projects are seasonal and all volunteer work is based on need so it is impossible to predict what you will be doing before arrival.

Q. Why do I need a car?

A. Chimp Haven is located in a remote area 20 miles from Shreveport. It is mandatory to have a vehicle in case of emergencies since public transportation is not available. Taxi service and public buses are available in Shreveport but neither expands outside the city limits to Keithville where Chimp Haven is located. If staying at one of our trailers on-site you will need a vehicle to access food and groceries. The closest corner store/diner is over five miles from Chimp Haven; the closest grocery store is in Shreveport.

Q. I have worked with primates/chimpanzees before at a different sanctuary. Can I work with them at Chimp Haven since I have experience?

A. No. To limit risk to our volunteers, only trained staff members are allowed near the chimpanzees. Many of our chimpanzees have infectious diseases so staff members are vaccinated and follow appropriate protocols to prevent disease transmission.

Q. Will I get to touch a chimpanzee while I am there?

A. No. We have a strict no-touch policy at Chimp Haven for all staff members and volunteers. Chimpanzees are wild animals who can behave unpredictably. Anyone who touches a chimpanzee will be asked to leave.

Q. What should I know before planning my trip?

A. All arrivals and departures must be Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  There are no staff members available to check volunteers in or out on weekends. If you choose to volunteer for longer than a week, you will have weekends free to explore Shreveport and the surrounding area.