The Sanctuary

Chimp Haven’s construction began in May 2003 on 200 acres of pristine forest, donated by the local citizens of Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Chimp Haven’s facility includes an interconnected network of bedrooms, outdoor courtyard and play yards, and large, forested habitats up to five acres. The facility

  • Offers an environment that stimulates behaviors similar to wild chimpanzees
  • Accommodates large social groups
  • Allows chimpanzees to freely choose to travel alone or in groups
  • Promotes nesting and foraging behavior
  • Provides full support facilities, including veterinary clinics and food preparation areas

Natural groundcover, trees, and climbing structures provide the backdrop for a stimulating and dynamic environment necessary for chimpanzee development and rehabilitation. The chimpanzees can make sleeping nests from vegetation provided by animal care staff or they can build nests from the trees and plants found in the wooded habitat. Towering trees and 20-ft play structures offer climbing, swinging and resting options as well as views of the surrounding area. How the chimpanzees choose to spend their day is up to them.